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Working from Home?

Working from home can initially seem ideal. No need to wear business attire or fight through morning traffic.

However, sitting for hours at a dining table or with your feet up on the sofa with a laptop balancing on your legs might seem perfectly reasonable right now but, have you ever wondered why employers don’t expect you to work on household furniture in the office?

Poor workspace and facilities can cause all sorts of health risks, with joint stiffness and back pain being the most common complaints.

ddb Ltd have created the homeworker range of space friendly desks with all the necessary features that your office desk would normally provide. The ddb homeworker desk fits neatly into your house, whatever the size and ensures optimum positioning and comfort to help you remain motivated and healthy.

The desk designs are easy to build and provide a sturdy, yet highly practical and compact workspace. Standard features include:

  • Adjustable Monitor Arm
  • Laptop Tray at the back
  • USB charger
  • Embedded wireless charger
  • Keyboard tilt function
  • Cable tidy port
  • Choice of colours and sizes

All ddb desks are made using sustainable materials but did you know that selected lines can be made from 100% recycled plastics?

Create your perfect working space with as much or as little technology as you need

Draft Design Build have been pioneers in creating technology inspired and practical desk solutions for more than 20 years. From initial design concepts to precision manufacturing to final installation, we offer our clients the ultimate in end-to-end workspace solutions. We create intelligent desks that seamlessly integrate with every day modern technologies. Our multi-patented build to order Draft Design Build ranges offer a huge choice of beautiful modular and multifunctional designs in many high grade finishes and colours. Our furniture is made in our own UK state-of-the-art facility using the very best in sustainable material and production techniques



A prototype service using our advanced software, CNC production, vacuum forming, virtual 3D modelling for conceptual product design


A solution service to create ideal bespoke workspace furniture for a specific need or function


Build to order service for commercial and education focused desk solutions from our huge choice of practical designs, colours, finishes and frames

Tech inspired desking designs by Draft Design Build

Our team is made up of innovative designers and craftspeople using the latest technology to produce inspiring and breath-taking workspace creations for everyone without compromising on aesthetics or quality.

  • Our secure and patented jigsaw design enables the modular i-desk solution to be scalable, or completely re-deployable if required, making it easy to add and remove users and IT equipment
  • The power supply and integrated cabling, power seven desks from one 13amp plug with no exposed cabling
  • IT locking system ensures all screens, keyboards and other technology devices are locked down and stored away securely when not in use.
  • Draft Design Build’s range of intelligent desk designs removes obstacles from above and below the desk which results in a more efficient use of space

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Eco Friendly Desks

We create intelligent, durable and eco-friendly desk solutions designed to deliver a solid return on your investment. Draft Design Build is committed to helping create and protect sustainable forests. In partnership with the National Forestry Commission, we’re proud to plant one new tree for every solid wood Draft Design Build product that we sell. Not only does this help offset our impact on the environment, but it’s one way we’re making sure that the resources we use today will be available for future generations. 

  • Kind to the environment

    We use sustainable wood materials to manufacture our solutions to the highest standard, that is why we guarantee our desks for 25 years

  • Free collect and recycling service

    Our service helps to minimise wastage and is designed to help you dispose of your tired desks responsibly

  • Environmental Responsibilities

    Recognising our environmental responsibilities, we have partnered with The National Forest scheme to help plant more trees.  For every wooden i-desk installed we will donate £1 towards planting a new tree.

Discover a smarter way to work

From education to the corporate sector, we work tirelessly to discover a better way for desk users to achieve peak performance. Get in touch to learn how our Draft Design Build can help solve your workspace challenges.


Yes the new ICT Suite is in use – the Head, Jon Reynard, has just emailed me this regarding the new i-desks :

‘They were great and the finished suite is amazing!! I would recommend them to other schools if they need me to.  I have had loads of very positive comments from the teaching staff who are looking forward to using a modern environment to teach in.  i-desk have done great job, communication was excellent throughout the project, the fitters were nice guys and you delivered on time.  The NCS engineers also remarked on how good it was to have accurate plans to work with, this made their job a lot easier too.

Zcott SimpsonICT Schools Services Local Support Senior Technician
Matt Leng

“The project to install i-desk flexible furniture was borne out of the need to maximise the utilisation of a traditional PC lab. Before the installation of the furniture the use of the PC lab was limited to sessions which required the use of the PCs – the layout of the room with fixed PCs on desks was not conducive to any other taught session. As a result the room was only getting used 50%, or thereabouts, of the timetabled day – not great when space is at such a premium. Because of the simplicity and effectiveness of the i-desk design moving from PC desk to seminar table at the push of a button – the University’s timetabling team are now free to schedule seminar style sessions in the room as well as PC sessions, thus increasing utilisation to nearer 85%!   4 labs have been converted to date, and the solution will roll out to other labs over the coming months. Not only does the solution increase efficiency, but it also looks good to.”

Matt LengHead of Learning Environment Teeside University
Mike Lavelle

I believe that, altogether, we have achieved an innovative approach to supporting independent research and study skills as well as motivation for pupils and staff to use ICT across the curriculum to great effect without having to book ICT spaces

Mike LavelleExecutive Head Teacher at Lincroft School

The challenge was to refurbish a library foyer area and two open access corridor spaces. The i-cyber proved to be an ideal solution to de-clutter the library foyer as well as offering increased security and robustness and provide the two corridor spaces with 24 hour touch down IT access for students.

Mr J Ashley

Looks absolutely fantastic!

Wow! Surely, it’s not the same long narrow room. Popped in last night at Open Evening, it looks amazing, really nicely designed and even plants!! 

Looks really good. You should be rightly proud of the hard work and vision put into what will be an excellent student resource.

I do!!!! [love it]  Brilliant. …what a fabulous result

It looks amazing

Mr J AshleyBlessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School