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At Draft Design Build, we specialize in integrating all types of technology within our range of multifunctional classroom furniture which is focused on improving performance and student engagement. ICT suites, Music rooms, Science labs, Libraries or Teaching walls with Audio Visual integration we have future-proof solutions to fit any classroom and suit any budget and we guarantee our desktops for 25 years!

Primary & Secondary Education Designs



The original modular design created by our founder Steve Brooks nearly 20 years ago. These incredibly versatile and robust desks can withstand many years of heavy duty school use. The patented interlocking jigsaw design allows for many configurations, scale and multiple uses. The i-desk was
the first product to integrate technology and IT into a safe and secure lockable system for tower and cassette based computing. Ideal for ICT suites and music rooms where pupils cannot remove expensive equipment.
The i-desk is available in a vast array of finishes and colours to match school colours or simply to just stand out. The i-heat feature is available on this line so students can benefit from warm workstations, even in the coldest of classrooms. A school using this clever technology will see significant reductions in their overall heating costs too.
Two functions for one room. The i-rise has been our most popular multifunctional workspace solutions for over 15 years and provides access to hidden computer screens and keyboards. At the touch of a button, the central section housing the screens can lower to form a flat workspace.
The i-rise is available in various configurations making it a completely adaptable solution for any classroom needing to be used for multiple functions.
A large selection of colours, finishes and leg systems are available in this range. Matching storage cabinets and IT Integrated teaching walls are also available.



After discussing the requirements of each space it was agreed that the i-rise product set would best suit the learning requirements for the college, allowing in excess of 27 classrooms to have multi-functional spaces, allowing ICT to be deployed when required, or removed quickly and seamlessly.
This allowed classroom spaces to be adjusted to suit the number of different courses and subject areas included at the College.
ddb Ltd were also responsible for the cutting edge library area, offering
a combination of multi-functional i-rise, fixed ICT and height-adjustable solutions to ensure students could use the library space in a number of different ways and be completely inclusive.
As well as the multi-functional aspect to the product range, the ability to secure and integrate their IT into the desking ensured the IT was protected from damage or theft, and could be easily upgraded on a component by component basis, ensuring the IT would continue to be cutting edge.
The plans were driven by project head Rachel Elias- Lee, who had looked in detail at the DDB range of products during the initial planning stages of the project. Through working closely with Rachel, it became clear that the multi-functional products offered by DDB could assist in creating powerful cutting edge, multi-use spaces"

Higher Education Solutions



This clever multifunctional and configurable desk houses many features to ensure a classroom or meeting room can be used for a variety of reasons. The lockable IT section lowers to create a large flat workspace.  Matching storage cabinets are available.
If you are struggling to find the right solution, then Draft Design Build will be able to help. Our design team will help you develop a desk solution that meets your unique operational needs and environment.
Our aim is to give customers a true one of a kind inspirational solution that is not just beautifully made but is practical and superb value for money.
With a huge choice of materials, colours, finishes and integrated technology options, a Draft Design Build bespoke service will give you exactly what you’ve been looking for.



THE CHALLENGE The Huxley 400 room at the University of Brighton
was a partitioned room where the dividing partition wall was difficult to use. The room was not being used as intended and only as single room resource therefore costing double the amount to run. The concrete supporting pillar located centrally, was another constraint, posing a problem for students’ line of sight to Tutor and screen. The Huxley also suffered from lack of PC’s and technology based rooms where exams could take place.
The University requested a redesign to increase the student desk width, which would then allow the desks to be used in an exam environment. We also designed and manufactured a removable exam screen that slotted into the desk between each user. Each group of desks has a visual screen mount at either end, to support a 42” screen on which images from the Tutors screen can be viewed by students.
The installation included an under-desk flexible cradle for existing PC towers enabling simple access for technicians, plus monitors and back-up power modules. We completed on time and within budget.
"The feedback about the i-desk i-rise desks with AV has been very positive. The dual purpose i-Rise desks are very close to being the answer to some of our key challenges to provide the ideal modern classroom. I’m very pleased with what we’ve achieved.”

Laboratory Workspace Design


The unique i-Lab solution enables clever integration of science, technology, water, gas and fire in one safe highly functional workstation.  IT equipment is locked securely within the bench yet easily accessible for maintenance and upgrades.
The worktops are made of chemical resistant surfaces with anti-bacterial qualities. Specialist seals and sealants reduce damage caused by leaks and spills.
The i-lab range is available in many colours and design options as well as fire-retardant grades.



i-desk Solutions spent several days over many weeks at the school working collaboratively with the Lycée Français project team proposing ideas and solutions which met the brief of a practical, multifunctional, workspace with matching storage that adhered to budgetary constraints.
Along with traditional desk-style benches, the Lycée project team also wanted a collaborative bench that would allow 4 students to work together. i-desk Solutions came up with a unique bespoke quadrangle designed to incorporate 2 PCs and monitors on one side, with utilities, a sink and storage cupboard on the other.
The science labs have now been transformed into state-of the-art, fit- for-purpose classrooms that provide flexibility in learning, safety from health and safety hazards, and an inspiring space for both students and teachers.
"We are truly amazed and proud of the transformation achieved by i-desk Solutions who have delivered above and beyond our expectations and well within our budget. We highly recommend the professional team at i-desk from design right through to the installation."

Warmth is distributed across the surface and underneath the desk

The wide range of attractive i-heat desk designs can offer many benefits to the workplace. Each desktop has an individual i-heat control to select the most suitable temperature for the user workspace without affecting colleagues nearby. The desktop is heated through an integrated panel just belowthe surface and underneath the desk, giving the user just the right heat for an ambient working environment. This clever design also helps towards reducing energy bills and curb thermostat wars as heat is only applied to where it is needed. Studies have shown that in many educational establishments, heating can account for as much as 50% of the buildings costs due to old or inefficient heating systems.

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