The Science Behind the Perfect Lab Bench

When operating a research or school facility, it’s easy to overlook the lab bench. In fact, few people realise the benefits of a well designed, safe, practical and efficient bench until they try one. They quickly realise that it’s not a luxury, but a must-have. Why? Because a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t always work.

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School Desks

School Desks for Today’s Connected Students

Few educational establishments have the luxury of furnishing a classroom that is built for modern day usage. In the majority of cases, educators are faced with the challenge of delivering a high standard of teaching using outdated resources. So how do you design a creative, inspiring teaching environment for today’s connected students?

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Sit & Stand Desk

Top tips for making the most of a sit & stand desks

Sit and Stand desks are becoming more commonplace in offices, retail, schools, colleges, and
libraries across the country. Whether you’re already using one or are looking at the options for
making your workstation, office, ICT suite or internet cafe user-friendly, here is some good advice
from one of the UK’s leading desk solution designers and manufacturers of integrated ICT modular
Sit and Stand desks.

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i-desk® Solutions experiments with New Laboratory Bench! i-lab

i-Desk Solutions introduces the i-lab. A bespoke workbench for the Science & Educational laboratory environments.

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