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Draft Design Build advises on how to reduce unwanted business costs caused by sickness and absenteeism in the office

An office worker can spend up to 1760 hours a year sat at a desk. Break that down and its about 8 hours a day. That’s half a person’s waking hours.

In fact, 30 million working hours are lost each year in the UK due to back pain and musculoskeletal issues, mainly due to poor posture caused by sitting for too long or operating at unsuitable workstations which can cause hunching, over stretching or poor positioning of feet. So why do so many organisations fail to consider these facts when designing workspace for their staff? Is paying lip service to health and safety requirements really the answer and does this really save a business money in the long run?

The risk of sick related absenteeism creates huge problems for organisations and increases operational costs. Therefore, it’s imperative for businesses to consider ways and means in reducing sickness rates or low morale. 

Research has suggested that sitting less and breaking the day up by standing at your desk will improve overall wellbeing and posture. In fact, recent studies suggest that at least 2 hours a day should be allocated to standing or walking about. Not only is this better for the physical health of an office worker, but it also improves mental agility and productivity. Positioning of computer screens, accessibility to equipment and even in the placement of feet are critical factors when assessing the suitability of desks and work stations.

Infographic: Dangers of sedentary working environments

Draft Design Build workspace solutions create some of the most outstanding, modern and sustainably made desk designs which easily address common workplace issues.

With wellbeing and comfort in mind, Draft Design Build’s sit-stand desks go beyond the ability to simply rise to a standing position, they can be programmed so the desk’s memory prompts you to stand at selected times throughout a day. Desk top features can include, cable management, wireless desk top charging points and even built in heating panels for localised warmth. A Light bar feature on some models can simulate natural daylight or provide a fixed colour glow to enhance your environment and mood on darker days or during the winter time.

A ddb sit-stand desk can accommodate any budget. Only the best automatic or manual Linak actuators are used to ensure a smooth and reliable operation. Whatever the cost, a ddb sit-stand desk is sure to offer comfort, ease of use and style to any office. Furthermore, it will go a long way to helping staff improve their wellbeing and reduce unwanted costs associated with sick related absenteeism.

For further information and details of the science behind sit-stand desks, call 01889 837730 or click here to download some more facts about how light, standing and heat can improve the wellbeing of office staff.

Ddb is an award wining UK based specialist maker of innovative, practical and beautiful desk designs for businesses and education. For over 20 years, ddb has created ingenious solutions for many environments, whether it’s a simple desk refit, a classroom re-design or a bespoke workspace solution, ddb will ensure great value for money is always achieved.

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