High quality range of esports desking to suit all applications


DDB Ltd have been pioneering desk solutions in the UK for almost 20 years. From initial design concepts to precision manufacturing to final installation, we offer our clients a complete end-to-end solution. Our multi-patented i-desk® modular and ICT designs are inspired by users, and spaces. We create intelligent desk solutions for the modern world that seamlessly integrate the technology that you use every day whether it be our patented slim PC (casette), a PC, iMac, Fanless Mini PC or All-in-One devices. All of our furniture is designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the UK.
Our team are constantly innovating our solution; we use the latest technology to create inspiring and creative desk layouts that work for everyone without compromising on the aesthetics. We will aim to create an esports Facility that offers maximum capacity first time around as the demand for esports will only accelerate and grow  



  • Maximise Classroom space
  • Anti PC theft Features
  • Authentic esports arena Look to aid Learning & productivity
  • High quality design & Build (10-year Guarantee)
  • Bespoke designs to fit any space


The Ultimate gaming table 6-seater

Dimensions and Specifications

Assembled: 3485mm (L) x 2500mm (W) x 1600mm (H) (or 2215mm incl. TV stand.)

Built from 18mm laminated MDF and 25mm MDF desktop with LED inlaid

Totally Secured PC cannot be removed without specialized tooling

All cabling is hidden for safety and security.

Optional upper screen supports

The Arcade desks

This our most popular product because of its very flexible design and is usually built in 700mm widths but can be larger (wheelchair access) or smaller depending on your requirements. It has built-in security making it extremely difficult to remove PCs without specialist tooling. All the cabling is hidden for safety and security Built from 18mm laminate and 25 mill desktops with LED installed (optional)