Heated Desks: Things You Didn't Know

Heated Desks: Things You Didn’t Know

The drive to become cosier, agile and less frantic in a ridiculously cold environment has encouraged people to opt for heated desk(s), intelligent desks, wireless tech office furniture, equipment, and fittings. This has led to a dramatic change in an office setting and transformed the outlook of the conventional workspaces, making them almost unrecognizable from the offices of previous decades.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we have stepped into an ultra-high-tech era, millennials and the Z generation tend to try new things, and embrace new technology to improve their working character and ensure higher agility and on-the-job attitude and behaviour. If it boils down to the office environment, furniture, a comfortable desk and a personal work setting has been proven to promote higher work efficiency and productivity.

i-ECOHEAT Desk-a New Concept in Desk Design

The revolutionary product is created with a vision to end those “thermostat wars”, which have been long known to disrupt students, families and employee relationships and moods at work. i-ECOHEAT is the state-of-the-art heated desk with individual temperature control on each desktop, which provides greater flexibility and control over the individual temperature adjustment. This indicates that the spot heated is designed to perfection to heat the individual person first rather than the room.

The radiant ‘spot’ heat produced above and below the acrylic desktop serves as a cosy warm blanket when the temperature drops, providing an ideal temperature for you to work at your convenience and ease. The power consumption of the desk is no more than 10% of conventional electrical heaters, air conditioning units, and radiators, making it loud and clear that the cosy contented staff and the finance director will be happy with the cost savings!


Like a warm drink on a cold day

The recent introduction of the new high-tech i-ECOHEAT desk, from i-desk Solutions, the UK’s leading desk solution designer and manufacturer of Smart furniture has sent surprise-waves all across the globe, especially in the UK and people are seeing it as an innovative addition to the UK’s office furniture and education market.

This eco-friendly and user-friendly heated desk can be used in offices,  retail, schools, colleges, universities and libraries which will ultimately help employees, and students to work and study comfortably in ludicrously cold office temperatures during the winter months.

For a wide majority of educational institutions, the energy costs typically represents more than 50% of the buildings costs and heating holds the largest part of this cost due to old and expensive heating systems.  So the i-ECOHEAT is by far the most ideal and practicable alternative solution to conventional heating systems as it ensures significant cost savings.  In fact the cost savings over 12 months would fund a 30 seat classroom or office with heated desks!  Now there’s a thought!

Height adjustable and standard desk options are available, please click here for more information.

Why choose an i-ECOHEAT desk.

Studies have shown that employees tend to work more and students tend to learn more in a cosy environment during the winter season. There are a lot of ergonomic health benefits associated with i-EcoHeat desks such as improved wellness and wellbeing of workers and students, significant energy cost savings and reduced carbon footprint. If you go in depth, you will find a wide continuum of health and working benefits linked with using heated  desks such as increased alertness, good blood circulation, respiratory and focus enhancement—to name a few.

When it comes to temperature control feature, i-EcoHeat heated desk has an integrated heating element panel in the desktop that heats both the surface and underside of the desk, making it evident that it provides greater control to an individual seated at the desk.

A comfortable working environment will help individuals to work for extended hours, which will promote and foster greater learning and output. Moreover, organisations will help navigate their way through to accomplishing their performance objectives, when it boils down to retaining highly-productive employees.

For a demonstration or heated desk trial contact us or directly email us at info@i-desk.co.uk.

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