How to achieve an energy efficient office and save money

For approximately 50% of the year, an office worker is either too hot because the heating has been ramped up or too cold because the air conditioning is on full blast.

We have all witnessed office thermostat wars. Men generally want an office to be cooler than women, so throughout the day, the thermostat dial is going back and forth. Although a common situation, the outcome usually ends up in some sort of office conflict. Managed offices are also a potential s ource of contention when the air conditioning is controlled remotely. This plays havoc on the general happiness of the workplace with everyone having to make do and suffer. Uncomfortable temperatures and working conditions impact greatly on concentration levels and creativity. In turn, productivity, staff retention, business competitiveness and ultimately, profits take a hit.  These scenarios are all too common throughout offices in the UK, yet most managers deal with it by “investing” in low cost fans or fan heaters. Sadly, this really is a short term fix which will guarantee only one thing, rising operational costs helped by a dramatic increase in energy bills.


Draft Design Build, have addressed these issues and developed a range of beaut ifully crafted desks that promote clean air and ambient working conditions through their intelligent heated desks. Instead of buying heaters to keep staff warm or pumping out hot or recycled cold air, a ddb i-heat desk can be controlled locally by the user to provide just the right amount of heat to ensure a comfortable and ambient workplace en vironment. Each desk has a heat panel fitted just below the surface which can be controlled independently and locally. The heat can be adapted to suit the individual by warming key points of the body that gives a general feeling of warmth throughout. An i-heat desk offer great value for money as the heated panels requires a fraction of the energy re quired to operate a fan heater. This low cost method of keeping individuals warm negates the need for expensive fan heaters or ramped up heating. We all know heat rises and so do our energy bills. Stop paying for the ceiling to stay warm and have it directed exactly where it’s needed for far less.

For further information and details of the science behind heated desks call 01889 837730 or click here to download our i-heat white paper

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