A new concept in desk design

The modern desk as we know it, is about to take a giant and radical evolutionary leap forward with the introduction of the i-heat desk from DDB Ltd.
Research by the Dutch research institute TNO (Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research) shows that contact heating through the wrists is the most efficient way to warm the body. Traditional heaters and radiators heat the room from the top down and are expensive to run, a heated desk from DDB Ltd. has anintegrated heating element panel in the desk top that heats both the underside and surface of the desk producing spot radiant heating to the legs and hands of the user, specifically the wrists.
The i-heat uses a fraction of the energy and power consumption experienced with conventional radiators and heaters. When switched on, a heated desk draws on approximately 60 watts of power compared to a normal radiator that can draw up to 3 kilowatts. This technology has the potential to reduce energy costs and significantly lower your carbon footprint.



  • Industrial units with offices
  • Portable cabin offices and temporary sites
  • Offices – large or small including
  • NHS – offices, clinical rooms, reception areas
  • Classrooms, open study areas, libraries



  • Individual Temperature control switch
  • 240 Volts – 60 Watt Maximum power consumption
  • Maximum 50 degrees C Thermal fuse protection
  • Economical – 8 desks on single power socket only 0 - 600W power consumption
  • Natural acrylic surface is hard-wearing and extremely repellent to stains
  • Hygienic non-porous surfaces acts as a thermal battery
  • Modular design using i-desk jigsaw patented system
  • Desks suitable for Mini PC’s, iMac’s or All-In -One PC’s

Warmth is distributed across the surface and underneath the desk

The wide range of attractive i-heat desk designs can offer many benefits to the workplace. Each desktop has an individual i-heat control to select the most suitable temperature for the user workspace without affecting colleagues nearby. The desktop is heated through an integrated panel just belowthe surface and underneath the desk, giving the user just the right heat for an ambient working environment. This clever design also helps towards reducing energy bills and curb thermostat wars as heat is only applied to where it is needed. Studies have shown that in many educational establishments, heating can account for as much as 50% of the buildings costs due to old or inefficient heating systems.