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The original i-desk and still the best

Product Description

The desk that defines the whole i-desk story! The i-Classic design remains the ultimate and definitive modular desk design some 15 years after its original conception!   Often mimicked the i-Classic innovative design has never been surpassed for its originality, durability and design and has set the standard for classroom modular desk systems. Patented in over a dozen countries the i-Classic offers affordability, versatility and durability all in one desk.

Featuring the i-desk unique jigsaw shaped ends, the i-classic can perform as a standalone computer desk or linked to other i-desk products. This provides our customers with total control over the design, look and operation of their facility.

Available in a range of colours and finishes the i-Classic offers security for your IT equipment with flame retardant worktops and high pressured laminate surfaces we are confidently able to offer the i-desk 25 year guarantee, another first for our industry!

The technology fits securely and neatly under the desk top, forming part of the chassis and leaving no towers or cables to restrict the user. With tens of thousands installed in the UK and overseas, the i-classic is a proven concept that has been shown to improve security and safety, reduce costs and improve grades

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