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A New Concept in Desk Design


Since the arrival of desks in the middle 17th Century the desk as we know it, a hard flat top or surface placed on legs or supports, has evolved very little over the years and is essentially the same today as it has always been, designed for a single purpose only.

However, the modern desk as we know it is about to take a giant and radical evolutionary leap forward with the introduction of a heated desk from i-desk Solutions. The desk will no longer be just a piece of furniture to study and write at but an efficient heater to warm the occupant of the desk and the space around them! Think about the luxury and comfort of an underfloor heating system.


Research by the Dutch research institute TNO (Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research) shows that contact heating through the wrists is the most efficient way to warm the body. If the undersides of the wrists are warm, the whole body will be warm. By working at a computer, for example, using the mouse, or writing, the wrists are placed on a cold desk top.

Traditional heaters and radiators heat the room from the top down and are expensive to run, often noisy and unattractive. The heated desk from i-desk Solutions has an integrated heating element panel in the desk top that heats both the underside and surface of the desk producing spot radiant heating to the legs and hands of the user, specifically the wrists.

Using similar technology to underfloor heating panels the heated desks use a fraction of the energy and power consumption experienced with conventional radiators and heaters. A heated desk when switched on draws approximately 60 watts of power compared to a normal radiator that can draw up to 3 Kilo watts.

Test Certificate

Compliance with a Harmonised European Standard also gives the presumption of compliance with the Principal Elements of the Safety Objectives of the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

Test Report

EN 60335-2-30: Particular requirements for room heaters & BS6396: Electrical Systems in Office Furniture

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