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School Desks for Today’s Connected Students

Few educational establishments have the luxury of furnishing a classroom that is built for modern day usage. In the majority of cases, educators are faced with the challenge of delivering a high standard of teaching using outdated resources. So how do you design a creative, inspiring teaching environment for today’s connected students?

Top 5 Reasons Why?

1. Space utilisation is key in order to fit awkward spaces and create more room to improve the ambience of the classroom to deliver better teaching environment. By removing obstacles and increasing legroom from above and below the desk, it can result to a better use of space. i-desk Solutions patent modular i-Classic desk design offers the education sector the ideal answer for space utilisation that works for both the student and the teacher too.

“Classroom furniture should not obstruct learning but rather enhance it” Steve Brooks Chief Designer

2. Security and storage. Having the ability to easily access and store computers saves time and money. ICT Desk solutions that offer built-in capability helps to make life just a little easier for educators who will be able to spend less time locking away computers and more time doing what they do best. This new generation (Z or Alpha) are digital natives who are tech savvy. This is something education establishments must consider when designing learning spaces.

3. Flexible usage is a basic requirement for any modern classroom. Wheelchair users should be able to access a desk and get started with their work just as easily as an able-bodied person. i-Rise desk solution provides the flexibility for a single desk to cater to both types of users. Maximising your investment whilst harnessing performance is the ultimate goal. The one-size-fits-all approach has changed, and forward-thinking schools should take subject area or the learning objectives into consideration when designing a space.

4. “Eco-friendly” can be considered a luxury, but when you have a desk solution that is delivered with a 25 year guarantee, and the option to be recycled, the opportunity to help make a difference becomes an easy choice. i-desk Solutions also contributes to the National Forest Association for every new i-desk purchased. For i-desk Solutions, sustainability is core to the business.

5. Bespoke ideas are sometimes a necessity but can be costly if not designed well. i-desk bespoke solutions, including innovative i-Lab desks, are just some of the concepts the i-Desk design team have delivered for educational establishments over the past two decades. They cater to all of the needs of their students and creating an environment that is conducive to learning. Classrooms should support different learning styles, whether analog or digital, and our desks have allowed educators to do that.

6. Whilst some classrooms may not have changed format for many years, educators have the opportunity to re-imagine their classrooms. With smart desk solutions, educational leaders can help improve the overall performance and efficiency both of the school and everyone who works in it including–most importantly–the students.

With the new GDPR regulation coming into effect on the 25th of May, key questions are being raised in regards to security of your IT. i-Desk Solutions are constantly updating and optimising our products to make sure that your security is not breached and that all of your IT Assets are secure, to give you  peace of mind around your GDPR act compliance.

Students will spend the majority of their school life in the classroom, and most of their time in the classroom will be spent sitting at desks.  How desks are arranged is crucial for optimising a classroom environment. Classrooms that lack design or aesthetics will only hamper the creative minds of students. This not only affects their learning ability, but it will also affect the way in which the students receive the information from the teacher.

Forward-thinking schools will try to accomodate for the different types of uses that a desk may be required for in a classroom–for writing, exams or ICT use. All of these different uses require a desk which will either enhance the activity or make it easier to do.

Classroom furniture is no longer the dull, heavy cumbersome pieces we once knew. Desks and chairs are now much more adaptable and can be moved, stacked, and rearranged easily. Students come in all shapes and sizes, just like the general population, and some may have special needs. For instance, wheelchair users might require adjustable desks, which should be taken into consideration when designing a classroom space. The one-size-fits-all mentality is no longer the overarching opinion when planning out a classroom set up.

Desks not being adapted to the children means that children complain about discomfort or lack of space to store their materials. Desks should adapt to the children, not the other way around. Additionally, desks should suit the subject that’s being taught. A desk for a laboratory should not be the same as a desk in the ICT room. They require completely different designs to accommodate completely different purposes.

Desks that are designed with the end-user in mind will provide genuine rewards in the classroom not only for students, but teachers, too. To learn more about our innovative school desk solutions, get in touch today.




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